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By Spectrum Management Group | August 3, 2017

One of These 3 Black Swans Could Trigger a Global Recession by End of 2018

Exactly ten years ago, we were months away from a world-shaking financial crisis. By late 2006, we had an inverted yield curve steep to be a high-probability indicator of recession.

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Topics: Economy, recession

By Spectrum Management Group | August 1, 2017

This Doctor Who Lived to 105 Believed for a Long Life, You Shouldn't Retire

To live a long life, work forever. At least that's what one of Japan's leading doctors believed -- and he was his own proof. Before his death on July 18, 105-year-old Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara was a practicing physician, a chairman of St. Luke's International University and the honorary president of St. Luke's International Hospital.

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Topics: Retirement, behavior

By Spectrum Management Group | July 24, 2017

What the Decline in the U.S. Dollar Means

The value of the dollar has fallen steadily since the beginning of 2017. To take one example, the number of euros that can be obtained for one dollar has declined to the lowest level in more than a year. The dollar has also declined against the Brittish pound, the Japanese yen and the Chinese renminbi.

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Topics: Consumer Sentiment, Economy, Personal Finance

By Spectrum Management Group | July 13, 2017

Where Does the Time Go? You Can Find Out, if You Dare

Finding time is hard. I often think about all the things I would do if I could just find the time. But really, what a crazy thing that is to say. Find the time? Where should I look?

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Topics: behavior, time management

By Spectrum Management Group | July 11, 2017

How to Spend the Last 10 Minutes of Your Work Day

The last 10 minutes of your day can also be the most crucial. It's a time where you can prep for the next day, organize your workspace, sign out of email and reflect on what you achieved in the past eight hours.

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Topics: behavior

By Spectrum Management Group | July 5, 2017

Experts' Tips for Staying Safe Online

The online world is a scary place -- viruses and malware that steal information make their way onto computers, and hackers hijack devices and demand a ransom to get back stored information. There are safe ways to be online, and security experts say a combination of safe behavior and products help keep users protected.

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Topics: Cyber Security, identity theft

By Spectrum Management Group | June 16, 2017

Why Kids Should Stash Summer job Cash in a Roth IRA

A summer job is the perfect opportunity for parents to introduce kids to some smart money habits, such as saving. And there's a good case to be made for putting at least a portion of each paycheck in a Roth individual retirement account.

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Topics: Personal Finance, children, saving

By Spectrum Management Group | June 14, 2017

To Raise Better Kids, Say No

Despite the temptation for parents to say yes to their children's wishes, research shows there's an insidious side to chasing after the newest thing others have. It fosters a sense of deficiency that can never be fully satisfied.

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Topics: Financial Planning, children

By Spectrum Management Group | June 12, 2017

Video: An Introduction to Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offer investors the ability to diversify over an entire sector or market segment in a single investment. Find out how they are created and what they can do for your portfolio.

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Topics: Markets and Investing, Stocks, ETF

By Spectrum Management Group | June 2, 2017

Free Time This Summer? Some Simple Tips to Tend to Your Long-Term Financial Goals in Minutes

In the contest between pressing, immediate needs that require tending right away and our longer-term wishes, today's to-do list usually wins. It's just too easy to put off the things that require less attention now. If you have a day off from your regular routing as summer begins, consider using that break - or just part of it - to nurture a bit of longer-term thinking.

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Topics: Financial Planning, Spending, Personal Finance