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By Spectrum Management Group | February 2, 2017

Here is the Letter the World's Largest Investor, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, Just Sent to CEOs Everywhere

Larry Fink, the chief executive at BlackRock, which with $5.1 trillion is the world's biggest investor, just sent his annual letter to chief executives at S&P 500 companies and large European corporations.

Fink focused on how to think long-term in this "new world" that has negated all the assumptions investors had a year ago about, for example, who would be the US president.

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By Spectrum Management Group | July 5, 2016

How to Optimize Taxable Portfolios in Bear Markets

We've uncovered an interesting article that discusses the hidden benefits of a decline in the stock market. Traditionally, a stock market drop is considered at best unpleasant, but savvy financial advisors can use these downturns for their clients to upgrade their taxable portfolios. 

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By Spectrum Management Group | May 17, 2016

Ways to Destroy Your Net Worth


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By Spectrum Management Group | March 22, 2016

Six Creative Beneficiary Designation Ideas

We've found a really interesting article with some original ideas for making designations to your beneficiaries.  While most designations tend to go to the surviving spouse and children, there are lots of solutions here that might not have occurred to you before. It's a helpful primer to ensure that you include everyone you want remembered, such as spouses of children, children of children, and charitible causes that are meaningful to you.

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By Spectrum Management Group | March 15, 2016

Gifting Appreciated Stock To Family Members

Many family members give money to their children. For children with lower incomes, there is an opportunity to give them appreciated stock to shift the capital gains to a lower tax bracket.

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By Spectrum Management Group | March 10, 2016

Make a Plan on How to Handle Risk, Then Stick to It

Today, we're exploring the risk in financial planning.  This article discusses the role that risk plays in managing your money, and the necessity of taking risks, particularly when you're planning investments.  Financial planners lay out rules for successful money management, but why is it important for you to follow them?

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By Tia M. Lee | September 24, 2015

All You Care About Is Money

All You Care About is Money

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By Tia M. Lee | July 24, 2015

The History of Social Security: How Many Times Have Benefits Been Reduced?

This week is the 2nd National my Social Security Week and it provides the perfect opportunity to take a historical look at Social Security. Social Security claiming mistakes are often made due to fear the program will dramatically change or benefits will be significantly reduced or eliminated.  This fear is particularly common among those nearing retirement. While there are no guarantees about future governmental decisions, reviewing the historical changes to benefits may put those fears into perspective.

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By Tia M. Lee | June 26, 2015

Should You Financially Assist Adult Children?

Parents with the financial means to assist adult children often wrestle with the decision. When you have the funds, it can be hard to say "no" and deny helping your child (no matter the child's age). But, is providing financial assistance always the best idea?

The fact is that parents who know their child is financially stable and responsible sleep much better than parents who don't.

If you have a child who hasn't demonstrated the financial strength to weather a storm, how do you know when to back away?

As a financial professional, I see the anguish parents have in this area as they attempt to successfully launch a child to full independence. The water gets muddied by the emotional bond between parent and child. Below is a series of questions that may help you gain clarity as you make these tough decisions.

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By Eric Kurth | May 13, 2015

Financial Tips for your Next Trip Abroad

It is that time of year again when we start looking forward to that special summer vacation. We at Spectrum sometimes get questions as to what should be done before taking a trip outside the country, or we might hear of someone else's unfortunate situation where something unexpected happened that affected the trip. There are a few things that can be done in advance that should help prevent unexpected financial issues from dampening what would have been a great trip abroad.

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