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By Spectrum Management Group | May 24, 2017

An Investment Principle Warren Buffet Uses Can Improve Almost Any Area Of Your Life If You Know How To Apply It

This term, margin of safety, is an engineering concept used to descripe the ability of a system to withstand loads that are greater than expected. Maintaining a proper margin of safety is crucial not only in construction and engineering, but also in many areas of daily life.

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By Spectrum Management Group | March 9, 2017

Working Longer May Benefit Your Health

Are there health benefits to staying in the work force longer? The scientific research is inconclusive, though it tends to tilt toward "yes."

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By Spectrum Management Group | January 19, 2017

How to Become a 'Superager'

Did you ever think about why some older people stay mentally nimble while others do not? The term "superagers" has been coined to describe older people who's memory and attention are equivalent to that of an active 25-year-old. See how MRI scans of 17 superagers compare with those of other people the same age.

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By Eric Kurth | July 7, 2015

Advice Worth Avoiding When Saving for Retirement

Retirement is a common goal sought by many people, and each person likely has their own idea for what retirement means for them.  It could mean never waking up before 8am again or starting that project you never had time for.  Whatever retirement might look like we can all recognize it requires having enough resources to live happily while not being required to work full-time.  For most, the resources needed for retirement is a large sum of money that isn't quickly amassed.  So when reveiwing advice on saving for retirement beaware of unbalanced approaches and advice that runs contrary to one of investings most powerful forces.

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By Stuart Cary | June 30, 2015

5 Valuable Resources for Lifelong Learners

In my last post, I discussed the importance of learning a new skill in order to keep our minds sharp as we age. Thankfully, the internet has made it much easier to do so, with an abundance of resources available to anyone with a desire to learn. In this post, I highlight five of the best free resources you can use to become a lifelong learner.

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By Stuart Cary | June 24, 2015

The Secret to a Sharp Mind

As we age, it becomes increasingly important to keep our minds sharp, so as to prevent cognitive decline. Not only does an active mind help protect against the risk of Alzheimer’s, it also leads to better physical and emotional well-being. While basic health habits such as staying physically active, getting an adequate amount of sleep, and eating a balanced diet have been shown to help in preventing memory loss, the results of a recent study show that learning a challenging new skill may also play an important role in enhancing cognitive function in older adults.

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